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↳ triwizard tournament

"Eternal glory! That’s what awaits the student who wins The Triwizard Tournament, but to do this, that student must survive three tasks. Three extremely dangerous tasks."

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#im not crying there’s just a metaphor in my eye

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Dylan O’Brien attends the Nintendo Lounge on the TV Guide Magazine Yacht during Comic-Con International 2014 #TVGMYacht on July 24, 2014 in San Diego, California.

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"After listing to "Rude" by Magic, Tyler Posey texted Dylan O’Brien about starting a reggae band."

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Scott doesn’t care about power. He cares about people.
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Katniss! Do you want a sugarcube?”

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Shelley Hennig and Dylan O’Brien in the Press Room at SDCC.

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I will not fall prey to society’s desire to turn girls into emotional insecure neurotics who pull up their dresses at the first flattering remark.

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